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How to Catch Snails in New World (& What They’re For)

During the “Baited” quest in New World, players are tasked with catching two aquatic creatures for crafting bait — a Snail and a Clam. The quest starts after players speak with Dena Ruby, an NPC near the Stolen Shores. Snails, in particular, can be found in freshwater, meaning New World players should fish in lakes and rivers. Although it is entirely possible to catch a Snail with a basic fishing pole and no lure, using a higher-tier rod along with special bait will undoubtedly increase the chances of catching a Snail.

While players may wish to cast their line out into the deeper areas of a lake or river to catch a Snail, keep in mind that characters in New World currently cannot swim if submerged. As mentioned above, Snails can be found within about any freshwater area; however, some places may yield better results than others. Continue reading to learn how to catch Snails in New World.

To catch a Snail in New World, players should use the proper bait to increase their chances of capturing one. Two excellent choices are Woodlouse Bait and Firefly Bait. These lures can be obtained by harvesting Bushes, Bulrush Plants, and Briar Plants in New World. While the baits do not guarantee a successful Snail catch, they will significantly boost the chances of fishing one out, particularly Firefly Bait.

After procuring bait and equipping a decent fishing rod, players should be able to easily catch Snails in New World freshwater areas. A recommended freshwater spot would be a small lake near Faith’s Bounty within Everall. Cast in the line and wait patiently for a bite. It’s essential to carefully take time while reeling in a catch, as tugging too quickly will lose the fish. Players may have to fish several times before capturing a Snail. After some patience and perseverance, players should be able to catch a Snail within a couple of minutes.

Return to Dena after catching a Snail and Clam to earn the quests reward. Completing the “Baited” quest will net players with XP, Coins, Territory Standing, and a small amount of Azoth. Additionally, players will receive Battered Fisherman’s Gloves. Using the Snails they’ve collected, players can salvage the creatures into bait. This action will also produce a by-product known as Snail Slime, a material that can be used in Alchemy crafting in New World.