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You can now run a GPT-3 level AI model on your laptop, phone, and Raspberry Pi

An AI-generated abstract image suggesting the silhouette of a figure.

Enlarge (credit: Ars Technica)

Things are moving at lighting speed in AI Land. On Friday, a software developer named Georgi Gerganov created a tool called “llama.cpp” that can run Meta’s new GPT-3-class AI large language model, LLaMA, locally on a Mac laptop. Soon thereafter, people worked out how to run LLaMA on Windows as well. Then someone showed in running on a Pixel 6 phone. Next came a Raspberry Pi (albeit very slowly).

If this keeps up, we may be looking at a pocket-sized ChatGPT competitor before we know it.

But let’s back up a minute, because we’re not quite there yet. (At least not today—as in literally today, March 13, 2023.) But what will arrive next week, no one knows.

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